Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello, Eston Masterson and Dwayne Sprabary!

Joey Dauben at the Ellis County Observer blog has taken the liberty of linking to the videos showing these amazing examples of the human species:


you can see the direct link to youtube here:

WARNING: extremely foul language and gestures -- banish children from the room....

you can see them here too:

These individuals spent a year and a half harassing the Moses family on Stainback Ct: driving by reeeaaalllll slow, taking pictures, hollering, backing up, and doing it all again, regardless the presence of the Moses' 4yo daughter [who was standing next to Chris when Eston showed his better side in the video above]. Testimony from neighbors reveals the bullies on exhibition did these things in front of witnesses too.

They called City Hall, code enforcement, city councilmen, and numerous other people trying to get Chris kicked off P&Z and Crime Watch. Once Chris backed the wrong political pawn they succeeded too.......

more later.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello, inaccurate Police Department Memo! :)

After a year and a half of watching a nasty bullying situation brewing and bubbling and finally spilling over to the community at large, Steve Hedtke gave a speech at the March 8, 2010 City Council meeting [the same day he filed to run for City Council, Place 2 against Tim Lightfoot] calling on the Police Department and City Officials to stop sitting on their hands and DO something about the illegal activities going on.
You can read some of his speech here:
{page 1, bottom right hand column, continued on page 7. will upload his speech in it's entirety in a bit}.

He gave this speech knowing it would cost him big political points, but things were out of hand for our community, and "political points" are not worth letting this kind of stuff continue.

The PD responded by creating, reading, and printing an emotionally-charged memo that was full of inaccuracies and allegations. Open Records Requests have shown a lot of interesting things about how our city is handling this unprofessional Police Memo.
you can read the full memo here:

{"Police Chief Discusses"...continued on page 7. will have exact copy uploaded soon}.
An audio recording of the meeting reveals that the Chief did NOT read this verbatim based on several issues citizens had with the wording of this memo, but neither was the memo denounced even after 5 different people pointed out the errors in the memo.

A basic middle school student can spot a few simple errors right off the bat, with just what was printed in the Red Oak Record. ;)

gotta run-- more later....

Hello, special City Council Meeting! ;)

Red Oak has called a special city council meeting for Thursday evening at 7pm -- probably to fill the voids left by Council's back stabbing of Chris Moses off P&Z and [pretty legitimate] removal of me from the Library Board after this video:


which was quoting THIS video:


but more about that situation in another post.....

Looks like Ruth Douthit is coming back aboard to help out the Library and [just a guess......] Casey Hargrove will likely join Barry "control Control CONTROL" Maners on P&Z. Casey had mentioned sitting back nice n easy on the Parks Board-- maybe Ben Goodwyn will take Ralph Madden's spot.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello, Red Oak!

The purpose of this blog is to start reporting on what we see and know in Red Oak, TX. Some of it is fun-- a lot of it isn't. We will be using as many primary source documents as possible [videos, audio recordings, photos, interviews, official city documents, etc] as well as media [Red Oak Record, Ellis County Chronicle, elliscountyobserver blog, etc].

If you have any sources or facts to offer in the discussion of our community, please send it to webnotions@yahoo.com